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How does it work?

Step 1: Select a charging location near you and choose the charging offer that best suits your preferences.  

Step 2: Initiate your charging session using a charging token or make a direct payment.  

Step 3: Enjoy additional benefits offered by the selected charging location.  


Qrid in your area.  

Check the app to see if there are charging locations with interesting charging offers that you may not be familiar with.  


Always appealing charging sessions.  

We collaborate with partners who prioritise your ability to charge in the way that suits you best. Whether you want fast charging, cost-effective charging, or get something extra, the Qrid app allows you to easily select a charging location and choose an attractive charging charging offer. Are you a loyal user? Then the charging location may choose to reward you with loyalty benefits, making the charging offers even more appealing.  



In the app, you can easily make payments with your charging token or through direct payment methods, such as a credit card.  


Enjoy additional benefits.  

We ensure that the charging sessions align with your preferences. Download the app for free and register with your email address once. 

Multi Tank Card B.V. and Qrid take your privacy seriously and will process and use information about you, as a User of MTc's services, in a secure manner. This document describes the privacy and security policy adopted by MTc. We encourage you to read this Privacy Statement carefully.